11 December 2011

The waiting game.

Waiting is tortuous.  I've never been incredibly patient, and waiting to hear back from this school has been tying my insides in knots since our interview on Thursday.  The first school we had interviewed for (the shady one) offered us a contract within 24 hours, but we turned it down for obvious reasons.  We thought we might hear from the second school as quickly, until we realized that Friday evening for us was Saturday for them... so we've been on pins and needles waiting for news all weekend.  Ben's being much more chill about it.  As for me, I've felt sick off and on from the nerves all week, haha.

Worst case scenario:  we don't get an offer.  It won't be the end of the world, and we will continue to interview for jobs until we do find one.

Best case scenario:  we get an offer, and we leave for Korea in a month.  Which means this week I would have to put in notice at work and at the apartment, we would have to pack all of our stuff, and get ready for a really quick December.

Both scenarios seriously stress me out.  I'm still having difficulty figuring out how we will pay for everything if we leave in a month.

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