08 December 2011

Morning thoughts.

Well, here I am finishing a stale cup of coffee, thinking about what went down last night.
We had our first school "interview," which basically entailed talking to one of the teachers while the director was listening in.  Which basically means they probably couldn't be truthful about some stuff.

We had originally been scheduled to have two interviews last night.  The first one was rescheduled last minute because of an unforeseen situation arising at the school.  The second... well, they just forgot to call us, apparently.  I ended up having to e-mail the recruiter to make sure we got the interview... And they called us, about 45 minutes late.

The interview wasn't really like any interview I had ever had.  The fact that it was a teacher talking to us let our guards down a little bit (until we realized the director was there the whole time), and the guy was pleasant enough.  However, his lack of anything negative to say about his experience was a bit of a red flag for us.  Also, when he asked the director if she wanted to talk to us or if she had any questions for us, she said no.  The entire "interview" was pretty much the teacher asking if we had any questions.  He didn't ask too much about us, which was surprising.  The feeling we got out of the experience was strange... we couldn't tell if they were just feeling us out, or if they were confident about us and just making sure we didn't have any questions...  No e-mails from them since, and I have no idea if we're going to hear back from them at all.

The final weird thing about the interview happened when I asked the teacher for his e-mail address.  His e-mail had his full name, so we Googled the teacher.  None of his online presence has anything to say about being in Korea since August 2010.  In fact, his sites (Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook) all say he is currently in law school in Washington DC...  Ben got upset over this.  It's hard to know who to trust, and when it looks like we're being played... that's disheartening.  I'm sure there is some possible explanation for it, but those explanations aren't exactly forthcoming, and it isn't a question one can just whip out in casual conversation online.

"So, like, were you lying that whole time?"

The good news is that we have this second interview tonight.  I hope it goes well... from what I've heard about the city and the possible school we're interviewing for, it's a really great job.  At this point, we're just needing some concrete information!  This constant limbo of waiting for job interviews is pretty nerve-racking.

I'll let you all know what happens next when I find out.

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