15 December 2011


I know I really ought to be packing right now, but I have to write down some of my thoughts!

Ben and I got the job with that nice school.  It's in Yongin city, not too far from Seoul.  I've heard many reports of it being an awesome city, so that's good!  We got the unofficial offer Sunday, and we got the contract Monday night.  I turned in my notice at work on Tuesday and craziness has consistently ensued ever since.

The most stressful part:  they want us to move in two weeks.  Actually, they want us to be there on the 27th.  (AHHHHHHH!)  I told them I had to give my two-week notice at work, and I hope they got that.  Because I kind of need the extra day or two to move all our stuff up to Jonesboro... and to get Cat settled up there.  I don't know how she is going to react, and I'm kind of worried about her.  I never thought I would feel so protective about an animal, but she's important to us.  Hopefully we can get her moved to Korea quickly and safely... we just can't afford it (financially and time-wise) right now.

So to add to the stressful part of them wanting us to move in two weeks, we don't know when we are flying out.  Which means we are packing now, thinking later.  We're selling whatever we can, giving or throwing away the rest of what we don't want, and storing the rest at my mom's.  I hate packing, though.  Never was good at it.  And it's just Ben and me... no one to help.  Sigh.  Not that we can really afford the U-haul either...

I am excited, though.  I just wish all of this extraneous stuff would take care of itself!!

Note:  If anyone needs a dining table and chairs, couch, tv stand, or end tables, let us know!

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