01 November 2011


This is so frustrating I could cry.
This morning I received an e-mail from the recruiter saying they probably could not place us in Korea.  That there are too many applicants and too few jobs.  He told us to go get a 100hr TEFL course (about $200 per person), get all of our documents in order, and then talk to him, but he couldn't make any promises.

Can we afford to invest more time and money into this?  As it is, I'm uncomfortable with our current financial situation.  We were counting on this.  We have friends who are over there, and we had no reason to believe it would be difficult to get placed.

So right now I'm having a little freak out, trying to decide whether to send back a reply assuring him we'll do what we can, or whether we should just forget Korea and move on to another country.  I can't sanely back out of this venture.  We have to go.


Melco said...

you've probably already seen this, but just in case-- in my research (read: I happen to see something on reddit about teaching overseas), I noticed a lot of people were recommending this site:


Rebekah said...

Thanks girl. After my minor meltdown, I submitted applications to three other recruiters. We've already been admitted into one of the organizations, pending a Skype interview. So things aren't as dire as I feared lol.

Ben's going to go ahead and get his TEFL certification, too, so as to beef up his application.

How is your search going?

Melco said...

five days later... haha.

right now, I'm exploring all my options. Teaching in Korea sounds really awesome, but I'm questioning my bravery at this point. I need to read more blogs about people absolutely loving it out there. Not that I've come across anyone who doesn't--I just need to read somewhere that I won't succumb to crushing loneliness, hahaha.