14 November 2011

Baby steps forward.

Well, things are a little better than they were my last post!  We decided to ditch the TeachESLKorea recruiter and move on to other options.  As in, we applied to six other recruiters.  I was hoping we would only have to focus on one set of applications, but as it turns out, most people have better luck from exploring more than one route.

So.  Here's the current sitch on things.  Despite some negative comments about Footprints Recruiting on Dave's ESL Cafe, we went ahead and put in our applications.  We are playing it pretty wary with each recruiter until we get the info on what they can offer us, so don't worry about us getting stuck with a bad organization!

I just had my interview with Footprints this afternoon, and I think it went really well.  Ben's interview is on Wednesday, so please send positive vibes his way.  What we really need is someone looking for jobs for us at this point instead of being in perpetual limbo.

As far as our E-2 Visa process goes, the only thing we lack is getting our FBI background checks in.  We applied for them in August, and they still haven't gotten back.  After that, we have to send them to get apostilled, which will take another 3 weeks or so.  (ugh).

The only real difficulties we are having right now involve the TEFL certification and our current financial situation.  Ben and I simply cannot afford shelling out $220 each (that's with the Footprints discount) to go through the course.  I really want to take it, and Ben's resume would really be buffed up if he had the certification.  But we are poor.  :(  Seriously.  I have been eating ramen noodles for at least one meal every day for the past two weeks.  All carbs all the time.  We'll get through it and figure something out, but it's been tough... and probably will be for a while.

Note:  I've never done this before, and we don't want to put pressure on anyone, but if someone feels inclined to help us out, even a little, we now have a donation account on PayPal.  The button is up there in the upper right hand corner.  We would sincerely appreciate any help you can provide.  All donations will go either toward our TEFL certifications or our cat's relocation fees.  =^.^=

Sometimes the pressure of our financial situation is overwhelming.  It will hit me all of a sudden, on the way to work or while I'm making dinner, and I will have a mini-meltdown.  I honestly don't know how we are going to survive financially if we are forced to remain in the States for more than a couple of months.  If we go through a pet relocation agency, we are going to have to borrow serious money from family to pay the bill.  I've been considering sending funding letters to friends and family, like I did for many of my Hungary trips.  (This is what I get for not learning how to budget properly from the beginning.  Sigh.)

I keep telling myself we'll make it through somehow, that we will figure something out.  But the longer we wait, the worse it gets, and I can't figure out a way to do it all without borrowing.

Boo hoo.  There's my sob story for the day.  Poor and unafraid to say it.  Just terrified to deal with it, haha.


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