16 March 2011


I'm sick, and I feel like telling someone about it. I've a feeling it's the beginnings of bronchitis... Started out yesterday as a bit of pressure in my chest which I immediately recognized as congestion, and I was feeling a little short of breath. This morning I woke up with a sore throat, and thanks to the Mucinex I took last night, some of the congestion had loosened in my chest so I could cough... a little. It hurts too much to try a really productive cough, though, so today I mostly tried to take shallow breaths, and if I coughed I kept it toned down... little pathetic baby coughs, pretty much. Until I run a fever, all I can do is suck on Chloraseptic lozenges and take Mucinex twice a day. I feel like crud, and I wish someone would baby me lol.

Ben's on days at work now! I'm so excited about this. We don't really see a WHOLE lot more of each other, but we are on the same sleep schedule. We sleep in the same bed at the same time, we get up and see each other before work, and see each other at night after work. I feel much more grounded because of this, so let's hope things stay good.

Our dishwasher has been broken for like two weeks now. My hands cry out from all the handwashing I've been doing...

What else... job's going well. Kristi came and visited me last week, which was so nice. My cat is snuggling next to me right now and being stupidly cute. Aside from being sick, missing my friends, and wishing I could fix my friends' problems, things are good.

But then there's that Japan thing... I worry for my friends and family over there. My cousin Sean and his family, Eika-chan, and several others. I wish I could hop into a helicopter and scoop them all up to safety. As that's an impossibility, though, I can only hope for their continued safety, health, and sanity. :(

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Kristi said...

so, first off...i love you, and i'm glad i had someone else's blog to read when i got home from work lol. secondly, still love you and on top of that your the freaking cat's meow. how do you like them apples? lol

i'm SOOOO happy you and ben get to see more of each other, that's awesome!!!!!!! and stay away from me if you're sick...kthx. lol <3 you a million times, plus some.