16 January 2011

Sunday, Sunday.

Only four more days at Starbucks, and then I'm out of there.
Much love to all my coworkers, but I am ready to be gone (as I'm sure I've made it very clear, sorry).

I met with Jim and Mahvash on Friday to go over the schedule for the next month or so. They're training me on the front desk, so I can book my own appointments and check people out if need be. Basically, they're trying to make sure that I'm always occupied, for which I'm grateful! I'll probably just be happy that I'm not bored.

I got some sad news about a family member last night that I'm unsure if I can share right now, so I'll just say that I'm disappointed, sad, and concerned.

Not really all that sure why I decided to post today. Just felt like it, I suppose...

I miss my friends. I miss that about college... being around friends all the time. I hardly ever see Julie or Ashley, and now Laura and Flora are both out of state. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have Ben to pester all the time! It's true that we're all busy, but I hope I'll at least get to see Ashley more now that the semester has started back up for her.

Love and kitties,

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