18 January 2011

My husband.

Even though I'm about to fall over from exhaustion and general illness, I feel like I need to talk about how awesome my husband is.

Sometimes I get frustrated because we don't always get to see each other a lot. Him being on nights, and me having an irregular morning/night work schedule has caused no little tension for us as a newlywed couple. However, I think it's important to note how eager my husband is to make time for me when I need it. Sometimes I get lonely the nights that he works, and he takes time to text me every once in a while... so even if I go to sleep, I'll wake up to see something he's written me.

He takes care of me. Today I was sick, and he quickly thought to go get my heating pad and made sure I was comfortable. He always tucks me in and kisses me goodnight when he's not working. He listens to me whine about work or other pithy things, and he offers reasonable feedback that I probably wouldn't have considered beforehand.

Overall, I am just so happy. I love him, I love us, so much. How blessed I am!

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