05 June 2010

mundane sounds.

Living alone has had its blessings and its... un-blessings... It's been nice to have my own space, to be able to go about my life as I want to (with the exception of work, haha) and to take care of my own place. On the downside, it's incredibly lonely. Sometimes I don't get any work done at all because I'm just not motivated to be active. It's not necessarily a state of depression... just a state of indifference. I don't like that part much. I don't like the silence.

Work has been going all right, even though we've had a lot of personnel changes over the past several months. I am now an official shift supervisor, which pretty much means that I have authority but am accountable for a lot more.

Wedding planning at times seems very accelerated, at others in slow motion. Got the florist taken care of this week, and my veil and dress are all in order. The next couple of weeks are dedicated to invitations, and my wedding shower is on the 13th of June at Southwest Church in Jonesboro (for any of you people in the area :) ).

Feeling a little scatterbrained, but I hadn't posted in a while, so here you go.


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