20 January 2010

LAST semester.

This semester is one of endings.

My last semester at UCA.
My last time to live with Julie.
My last time to play oboe on a regular basis.
My last time to GET money from school.
My last time to see a lot of people.

It's a good time of endings, but sad, too.

Semester's started out well, aside from the little hiccup that was me ripping a few ribs from my spinal column (yeah, what was up with that?). I'm balancing work and school a WHOOOOLE lot better, which means I can spend more time (a) sleeping, (b) with friends, and (c) working on thesis. I feel so behind on thesis, it's ridiculous. But when I consider how little some other people have done, maybe it's not so terrible, after all. I just know that these last few months are going to go by ridiculously quickly.

I have more to say, but I'd much rather grab some yummy foods and catch up on some trashy tv before work. Catch yous guys lata!