19 November 2009

Fall 2009

Reasons Why Fall 2009 Has Been the Worst Semester EVER
  • I got a job, which began meaning I never saw my friends. Now it just means I never get sleep because I'm trying to see my friends.
  • My classes are uncharacteristically demanding, and teachers are not sympathetic to a student's overbooked schedule.
  • One of my friends turned out to be a witch of a person.
  • I'm taking classes that (for the most part) I don't enjoy.
  • I am exhausted all the time.
  • I disappoint people constantly because I don't have time for them.

Things That Made Fall 2009 Bearable
  • My remaining awesome friends.
  • Flora and Matt bought a house only a few blocks away!
  • My co-workers are super. <3.
  • I feel like I'm accomplishing something by being so busy.
  • I got engaged to the best man I know.
  • I had a stellar birthday because of it.
  • I channeled my artistic side in drawing class and made a lot of friends.
  • I relearned French, and speak/read/write it better than ever.
  • I learned that there is more to life than grades, and despite my slightly falling GPA this semester (no doubt with more than one B), I feel like it was worth it to spend time with friends and family.
  • I got to see my Aunt Margi and Sam for my birthday.
  • I received inheritance money that'll help me accomplish my dreams.
  • No regular nightmares as a result of the heavy stress I'm under -- good sign?

There are still a few weeks left before the end of the semester, but there's a basic summary of it. I'm glad to see more good than bad on that list.


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