10 September 2009

One of life's funny moments.

The most hysterical thing happened today.
I went to Walgreens between classes to pick up the picture I printed off of Ashley's face (for thesis), and accidentally dropped my debit card somewhere between coming out the door and getting to my car. (It ended up being underneath my car-- I found it, no worries).

So anyway, while I was rummaging around in my stuff, still in the parking lot with my door open, some girl in a red car pulls up and honks at me. I look 'round, and she's saying something to me through the closed window. Looked like "are you waiting for me?"

Imagining that she meant waiting for her to move, I shook my head, mouthed "no", and went back to rummaging.

And didn't notice her get out of her car and walk around to my passenger side.
Didn't notice until she tapped on my window and opened the door, sitting down in my passenger seat and closing the door.


Yes, take a minute to think this through. A girl I had never seen before jumped in my car.
Not only that, but she turns to me all matter-of-fact and says, "Ok, let's figure this thing out."



I was just staring at her like she was a crazy person, and she tilted her head and asked, "Wait, do I know you?"

And I said, "Um, no. No, you don't." She kept looking at me like she didn't believe me. After a few moments, it seemed to hit her what she had done, mentioning having to meet this girl she didn't know very well, then she uttered a string of curses, mumbling a little, and then she jumped out of the car and pretty much ran away into the Walgreens.