24 August 2009


Well, the fall semester of my last year at UCA has started, and things are already going crazy. This year is different in so many ways... But let's just go through the list of classes first:

(1) Evolutionary Psychology - doesn't sound too hard. I've got 3+ friends in there to sit with, too.
(2) Wind Ensemble - holy crap, I made Wind Ensemble! I didn't expect that one. I love my rowmates, though, and aside from some uncomfortable situations that may arise at concerts (read: people I'm not used to seeing), I'm very excited about being there.
(3) French Conv. & Comp. II - the class sounds fun, but I got intimidated in class on Thursday. Having waited a year to take the sequel to Conv. & Comp. I, my French is rusty. Also, I've been speaking, reading, and thinking Hungarian since the summer started, so my brain is going to have a hard time untraining itself and jumping back into French mode.

(4) Drawing I - a fun, loose class. Nothing difficult here, just two hours per session to let my hair down and breathe.
(5) Sensation & Perception - having had Cognitive and Physiological from the same professor last semester, I feel like a lot of this is review.
(6a) Oxford Tutorial - I'm excited about my thesis, but uncomfortable and unsure how to make it more interdisciplinary. Creative theses are a little more difficult in that respect.
(6b) Meetings with Tutor - rescheduled meetings with Shauna, so now we're meeting later in the week. I'm pretty excited!
(7) Oboe - lessons start Wednesday.

Also, I am working 20-25 hours/week at the Starbucks in Maumelle, now that school has started. This means morning shifts... which means leaving Conway at 4:30am twice a week (ouch...). But it's good. I love my job, and I love the people I work with. =)

Ben is great... I love him terribly. We're both suffering for my busy schedule, him moreso than me, since he has a little more free time to suffer (I'm sure if the situation were reversed, I would feel similarly). I just want him to be happy, but sometimes it seems like there's nothing I can do for a time. I miss him. He just talked himself into, then out of, then back into coming to see me this afternoon, even though I have to go film this evening in Little Rock.

I love him.

I also love my Hungarian friends, whom I miss something crazy, too.

I have homework I should be doing... but I felt like these things needed be recorded.


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