12 June 2009

a fun night at work.

Tonight was fun. I was a little apprehensive about it -- I haven't quite gotten the hang of closing up the store properly yet. Maybe just because I feel like I'm doing everything inadequately!

Anyway, though... tonight it was Josh, Chris, and I, and we had a pretty good time. We had some great customers, and everyone seemed to be in a good mood. Josh and I worked up a welcoming routine for the drive-thru that we eventually tried out on one family near the end of the night:

"Good evening!"
"Welcome to Starbucks!"
"I'm Josh..."
"And I'm Bekah..."
"What can we get started for you tonight?"

We would flip back and forth during the whole ordering process-- I think we ended up making the family feel as silly as we were feeling. :) That was good.

Let's see... Oh! And something weird happened. I am pretty sure I was flirted with by one of the lobby customers. He and two women came in -- he seemed to be in his late 20s, I think. I was working bar, and while Chris took his order, I stood behind the counter and was getting the specifics so I could start on his drink. I think it was... a skinny cinnamon dolce latte? Yeah.

Anyway, he was kind of looking at me strangely. As if he knew me or something. And when I went up to the bar, he started talking to me, lightly teasing as if I were a friend. Asked if I had weekend plans (fishing, perhaps?). I told him I would be working all weekend. Then he proceeded to tell me about his moving plans-- moving to California rather soon for a job. We chatted a while. He was pretty nice, but it was just so strange! I wanted to know his deal, lol. Ha! If I didn't have a boyfriend that I love and adore, I'm sure I would be eaten up with curiosity. As it is now, however, I am happy enough to pass on the humorous event to my blog and a couple of friends, and there it shall rest. :)

Josh and I kind of bonded tonight, too, which was nice. I'm glad I like my coworkers... I really consider them all friends, even this soon into the job!

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