21 May 2009

La la La

Well, friends, it's been a while.
I'm in Maumelle now, living with my aunt and cousins again.
Started working at Starbucks on Monday, and so far it's been pretty great.  I learn how to make lattes in the morning.

Maggie (my car) seems to be on her last toenail of her last foot of her last leg.  The list of problems is extensive.  Suffice it to say that she has mysterious electrical problems, and is now entirely unreliable.  :(  I have to put her in the shop tomorrow morning even though I don't have any money to fix her.  Lord willing, it's going to be an easy, relatively cheap problem to fix.

...Not holding my breath, though.

Other than that, life is going okay.  Somehow I managed to scrape by with a 4.0 for this past semester.  Crazy... don't know if I deserved it... but I'll leave the judging to the teachers, lol.

I miss my mom.  I miss my brother.  I miss my friends.  I miss Ben.  I always forget about the whole not having friends bit about living in Maumelle.  Hanging out with Tyler and Caitlin is fun, but it's always tough not having my best friends around.  Plus, this week I'm only working 20 hours... which means a lot of downtime alone here at home... because everyone else in the household works at ASP from morning to evening.

Let's just say I've been napping a lot, lol.

Well... that's it for my bellyaching.  I'm going to catch some sleep.