02 April 2009

A good day.

How exciting today has been!  After Stage Makeup, I stayed behind to talk to my professor and ask her to be my thesis tutor.  She was totally pumped about it!  Eeeeeeeks I'm so excited.  She's got some great ideas about different techniques we can use, and she really wants to help me get into the SFX type of makeup that I'm still not that great at.

Happiness.  :)

Also, I got an invite to stay with Fanni's fam for a few days while I'm in Hungary -- very welcome!

Oh, and I met with my little over coffee, too.

So aside from the icky stormy weather we've had, it's been a good day.

Ben's coming to visit me tonight, so I don't really know how the day could get better.

Ah, life.  ♥.

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