30 March 2009

Gone, gone, gone.

Ah, world.
How much has changed!  I hardly recognize my own life anymore.
I'm on the verge of being pretty stressed, and I'm exhausted from my very busy spring break, but I am well.  The guy I am seeing is... well, the whole situation is different.  I don't rightly understand it, and sometimes I don't really feel I deserve it (or him).  The thing is, though, I just can't see life without him.  That's what's so strange.  I cannot imagine living without him in my life.
I just hope that feeling isn't fleeting.  I'm kind of enjoying it.
Anywho, I might come back and write some more tonight.  I have to go film stuff for Laughing Stock in a few... so I've gotta run!

Much love,

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