07 February 2009

Céad Míle Fáilte

As usual, I need to go to bed.

This week was a rollercoaster, but it was more than I could have ever expected.

Last weekend was Derrick's birthday extravaganza.  We went out Friday and Saturday and had lots of fun in the process.  I got to spend some time with his friends and ended up liking them very much!  It was lovely to see Derrick, and I'm sad I couldn't get his present(s) to him on time... but it's true, he'll be getting his late like I did.  ;)

My favorite Irish friend, Niall, arrived in Arkansas Monday night.  It was all I could do to keep from tackling him when he walked out of Emma's house, and we saw him for the first time since July.  He came to class with me (Honors with Allison:  Issues in Global Economics and Environment), and I was pleasantly surprised to find he knew a lot on these issues.  He even participated in the discussion.

Dinner at Old Chicago, then we hung out at the Bear's Den afterward.  Got to see Dustin, which was almost as momentous as seeing Niall.

On Wednesday I had classes until late afternoon, but I was able to hitch a ride with a few people to Little Rock to spend some time with him.  We ate/had a couple of pints at the Flying Saucer and finished up at Willy D's...  And then he left, which kind of broke my heart for some reason.

I guess it just reminds me of all those times I had to leave people I loved behind in other places-- Hungary, for instance.  I'm trying very hard to get there for the last camp this summer, but after then?  Who knows if I'll ever be back.  And while I told Niall that I would without a doubt be back to Ireland, I don't know if I will any time soon, you know?  Who knows if I'll ever see him again.  He told Flo's husband that he'd never fallen in love with a bus tour group the way he fell in love with ours.  Everyone (well, you know, with the students at least).  Especially us four chicas -- Flo, Laura, Amber, and myself.  That really made saying goodbye to him harder, too.  We all love him and wish Ireland were a little closer.  Sigh.

Anyway.  That's what's been going on.  Classes are going well, but I feel like a slacker in all of them except for Stage Makeup, and that's the only one that I really care about.


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