15 January 2009

forget about your house of cards.

Well, today was our first day of school for the spring semester of 2009.  My first semester as a senior.  A year from now, I will be starting my very last semester at UCA.  How's that for a crazy thought?

My classes today have been pretty fun.  I just had Honors (issues in global economics and environment or something like that) and Stage Makeup.  Stage Makeup is going to be the easiest and most fun class EVER, pretty sure.  Do makeup and get credit for it?  Seriously, now.  And there are some fun people in there, too (bff Trace!), so +5 to Tuesday/Thursday classes.  I really hope the teacher ends up thinking I'm a good person or whatever.  I seriously need a tutor for next semester...

I'm feeling a little flyaway these days.  My body is protesting something, haha.  Takes forever to get to sleep, dreaming a lot more than usual (about half nightmares), and lots of upset tummy days.  :(  I'm not really all that stressed anymore, now that my ticket got taken care of... so I don't know.

The second generation of social networking (as in, parents, teachers, relatives, friends of parents, old church members) has started to get under my skin.  Don't get me wrong, Facebook and Myspace are great tools for networking and keeping in touch with people, but seriously... when one has been on those websites for 5+ years and been able to keep some level of privacy, and then is thrown into experiencing new generation of web-social networkers who are wide-eyed and excited about the brand new perspective that social networking websites present to them... it's a little unnerving.

See... before, students like us were able to partition our lives better.  There are our online identities, branches of ourselves visible to friends (both in-real-life and net friends), but otherwise invisible to the outside world.  Now, though, it is almost impossible to keep those worlds divided without looking like a jerk.  Does that make sense?  Everyone is joining Facebook (and Myspace, though the recent boom has seemed to be Facebook).  Relatives.  Old home church members you see twice a year.  Friends of friends.  Teachers.  Everyone.  And these days it seems like I'm spending more time running interference trying to keep the boat from being rocked than actually connecting with friends.

I have over a thousand Facebook friends, so I look doubly a jerk when I decline someone's friend request.

You know what's also unnerving?
In our Strange Communities class last semester, we discussed how websites like Facebook define the way people look at you in real life... how we refer to content on those sites as a matter of fact.  And I understood that and supported it, because it's true -- since high school, I have referred to Facebook for real life information about real life people.  Discussions had on Facebook are carried on in real life.  

It was refreshing and somewhat relieving that certain parts of life were not part of that crossreferencing.  That one could go home, and be taken point-blank, as you were, without having to worry about the face you present to the online world.  Your mask.

Now, with everyone joining... there is no privacy.  No partitioning of one's life.  People who weren't making references to online versions of yourself are now doing so.  
Commenting on parts of yourself that are online.  
Changing the way you interact with them.  
'Checking out' friends virtually and making assumptions not previously held about those people based solely on the content of their profiles.
Calling a friend 'creepy' because something in his profile didn't agree with them.
It isn't fair.
It's at odds.
I don't like it.

Sorry... what a long blog of complaints this has been.  I'm just feeling weird because I had to decline someone's Facebook friend request twice because I honestly just didn't want to be FB friends with them.

Is that bad?


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disneykid1 said...

i agree ab facebook.
i hate that they took away limited profile too. peopel from church AND MY DAD have been adding me.
but you can now make different friend lists, and whenever someone i dont like adds me, i add them to a list called "others" and they cant see my pics or any profile information lol. so its pointless for them to be my friend but i can still "accept" them.
miss yew.