01 December 2008

Worst skin ever.

This week, I've gotten massive breakout-age… and I've no doubt it's from all the stress I'm putting myself through. I looked in the mirror after removing the witch's makeup for my Macbeth performance today, and winced at all the lurkers and ugly blemishes covering my face. You just can't hide all that. Today was the worst day of the week, I think... I mean, it was definitely the longest. I don't know what's going to happen officially later this week, but here's to hoping things aren't too crazy.

Here's what I have to do tonight:

  • Town Hall Meeting – mandatory for Honors Council members, so I'll be there.
  • Council meeting – following the Town Hall meeting will be the "hearing".
  • 8 Government journals (for safety's sake. I need to get 8 done so I won't be overworked tomorrow).
  • Write up my part for the Artists' Statement – Honors project group
  • Start studying for Abnormal Psychology quiz

Ambiguous note of the evening: I am a little unnerved by something. Eh. I guess the topic of my French oral exam didn't help today. I'm just doing a lot of thinking.

Made 1st chair oboe, Symphonic band. That's good, it's what I wanted. Not too much work, but I still get to play more. Perfect for me. Plus, I have Kort and Amy in there with me. I'm just sad that Laurel and Anna can't be in there with us, too. C'est trop dommage. L

I'm really just trying to make it to the end of this week. Next week shouldn't be too bad. But… yeah.

What did I even start out wanting to write? I'm digressing like crazy here.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wait, what were you unnerved about?

And, omg, you are missing GG! It willst not be the same without you! I will puddle into a pile of B/C goodness by the end of the night (hopefully...!) without you around and to mop me up put me back on my skeleton again.

Hope the meeting was muy diveritido!

*PS - I deleted the orig because there was a glaring typo in it that was bothering me to no end!