09 December 2008

some things about me.

Betimes I place myself in unneccessary predicaments, and I find myself wondering how I am supposed to get myself out of them.
I overthink things, overstress about things, and overanalyze my problems.
I worry too much about the thoughts and feelings of others without considering my own needs enough.
Often I allow myself to become unhappy, and I suffer through my self-imposed unhappiness in silence because I am ashamed or embarrassed.
I don't know if moving is going to help me get rid of these problems.  Probably not.  But I feel like moving could become a step toward resolving my issues with myself.

In the end, I just want to get away.  To start clean and to explore my own potential.  I know I can be better.  It just feels like I have to get away from here to do it.


disneykid1 said...


dont worry, things will happen. and you just have to tell yourself that nothing too bad is ever going to happen. like seriously, nothing you cant ever get over or deal with. do what you want!

Anonymous said...

szia. i know what you mean; i overthink and overanalyze everything.
i think moving only won't change you; you'll change yourself! but the very fact that you noticed this problem of yours is half success. :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds just like me ;)