12 December 2008

everything's looking rose from here.

Well, friends.  Tonight I go back home.  Not for long, I'll be back in Conway next week for Julie's birthday.  But still... going home today represents the ending of this semester.

And thank Elua for that!

This was probably the worst semester of my college career.  Not because the classes were hard-- they weren't, compared to other semesters.  No... maybe it was because I was walking around with a broken heart for half of the semester, or that I was having to deal with friend or classmate drama for much of it.  Maybe it was because I felt overscheduled or stressed with no real way to relieve it.  I don't really know why; I just know it royally sucked.

Next semester has hope of being better.

Here is my class schedule:

Symphonic Band
Cognitive Psychology
Physiological Psychology
Principles of Sociology
Senior Honors Seminar (because yes, I will be a senior next semester)
Stage Makeup

That's right.  I'm taking Stage Makeup.  Trace will be in there with me, so that'll be fun times.
As soon as next semester is over, I'm quitting everything except for band/oboe and maybe Laughing Stock.  I have to.  I've put in my time for many different groups, and I want to be able to take a step back my last year.  I want to get a job, so I can start saving money for Florida.

This break, I will be reading and laughing and listening to good music and watching good movies.
It's going to be a time of renewal for me, and I am excited.

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