04 November 2008

A Moment in History

You know what pisses me off? People who are being douchebags about the whole election. People I love and have a lot of respect for are stooping to act like idiots, showing gross negativity toward our next president and the election results.  Americans should be looking forward and standing together... regardless of which figure the people voted into office.

Quotes like these:

___________ is AWAITING 2012 IF we make it there without the poor taking over! Goodbye AMERICA, yes that will probably be taken away too.
________________ is thinking that the free world that our citizens have fought to keep is coming to an end.
________________ is upset--- USA has a president by the name of Barak Hussein Obama! That ain't right!
________________ is ready to go on a 4 year vacation to another country...
________________ is glad her real citizenship lies in heaven...
________________ is crying.
________________ hopes all you people who voted for Obama because is was the cool thing to do are happy, as for those who think for themselves I feel your pain...
________________ thinks this country just made the worst decision of its life...at least now the Dems can't blame Republicans when it all goes down the drain...

The list continues on.
I just hope these people can heal the rifts they're creating by degrading and ignorant words.
And me... I'm only happy the election is over, and we can get on with our lives.

So congratulations, President Obama.  McCain, you have my respect.

UPDATE:  Pettiness reached a whole new level when the girl who spread rumors about me in middle school indirectly attacked me via status update.  Will write more on this later.

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