24 November 2008

I’m just bad news: 100th Entry

Happy 100th entry, Blogger!

And boyo, do I have some awesome stuff to write for this one.

I'm going to start this off by saying I had a great weekend. For reeeeal. Laina, Jules, Bethany, and I all drove to Fort Smith on Friday afternoon. Her fam took us out to eat, and we went to see Twilight. Yeah, yeah, go ahead and judge, hahaha. We'd made a commitment to go, so I guess we had to. We got to the theater two hours early, though, so we were first in line. Def. It was pretty rad, because people would come in and stand behind us. …Well, it was pretty rad until these three bieyawcheng, peroxide-stained, leather-tanned girls line-jumped us. …I'm so serious. We were first in line, and they line-jumped us. How dumb can you be?? For real. We didn't say anything to them, but everyone in line behind us was getting pissed, too. Especially when the girls started complaining amongst themselves that there were some other people trying to line-jump them. Ugh. Idiots. We won out in the end, though. I'd been watching the ticket boy, and the second I saw his superior give him the green light to start taking Twilight tickets, I shoved Julie past the girls to the front again. Beth and Laina were pulled through the middle of the girls, which didn't please them at all. They spouted some snide remarks, to which we cheerfully cried "Thanks!" and ran away. Mature, I know, but what can you do? ;)

The movie was okay. Just that, okay. Julie put it well when she said it was the Reader's Digest version of the book. The colors and artistic aspects of the film were nice, but everything else was lackluster. I just hope they work a little harder to make the next movie more accessible as a movie and not a summary of what Meyer wrote. Just my opinion here, though.

On Saturday, we ate dinner in Rogers and shopped, then went to what was probably the best concert EVER. The Punch Brothers (featuring the late Nickel Creek's very own Chris Thile!) came to the Walton Arts Center in Fayetteville. I was practically bursting with excitement when we arrived, even despite the exceptionally disgusting Irish coffee I had at the Common Grounds coffeehouse beforehand.

The minute Chris and the rest of the band walked out on stage, we screamed and mad applause erupted… and Julie screamed, "I love your hair!" The little snot was loud enough for them to hear, hahaha. And Chris laughed and said he could sense sarcasm a mile away. We were tote serious, though. The violinist disputed that the comment was for Chris, of course. ;) It was pretty funny, and each time they came back on stage after breaks, a new person would yell that they loved Chris's hair. Ah, love. The concert was HAMAZING. The music was beautiful. Perfect. Chris's voice is every bit was gorgeous in person as it is on his recordings. And the rest of the band was incredibly talented. I was floored by the talent in the room.

After the concert, we got in line for autographs in the lobby, staying near the back. The amount of shaking I suffered was pretty much directly related to the proximity to Chris. I about died when I stepped up to the table, finally, and noticed his eyes were on me. "Hi…" I began. "My name is Bekah… um… and I have been a fan of your music for many years…" I lamely asked him to sign my CD booklet from his "How to Grow a Woman from the Ground" CD, and he obliged, writing "Thanks Bekah!" and signing. When Julie's turn came, however, she introduced herself as the girl who liked his hair. And got to run her fingers through it. His hair, I mean. AGHHH I died of jealousy right there, haha. She and the band seemed to be pretty buddy-buddy, and I was just basking in the proximity to one of my idols from waaaaaay back to junior high school.

Oh, and we managed a picture with Chris. Here y'are. I'm supposed to be getting two more from a very nice guy named John who took pictures of us with his own, much better, camera. I'll post those when I get them.

There's more stuff to say, but that stuff can wait 'til later. I'm just glad it's almost Thanksgiving! I get to see family (save a few, including my big brother *sigh*) and relax for a few days. ♥.

Later! -- Beks


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