05 November 2008

I hope you meet someone your height so you can see eye to eye with someone as small as you.

It's amazing how petty some people can be.  A former friend who spread some nasty rumors about me in middle school, blaming them on one of our friends, indirectly attacked me last night after I replied to a mean status she had posted on FB in reaction to Obama's election.

She deleted my "Wow, **** (her name)." comment and wrote the last update.  Pretty silly.  I thought we were out of high school.  I probably should have resisted, but I sent her a message telling her I respected her political views, but I didn't appreciate the alienating comment.  She blew up, went full-on defensive, trying to start up a who's-the-better-person match and saying I personally insulted her by writing that on her wall.

I didn't know "wow" was so insulting.

Anyway, I replied with a concilatory, but firm statement of why I said what I did, why what I said wasn't an insult, told her that whatever personal differences we might have had nothing to do with my comments, and then said I was leaving it at that.

She told me to stop trying.  So I deleted her, no big deal.  I knew it wasn't going to end well, but still.  It just pisses me off when people are so stupid.  When indoctrination and personal beliefs get in the way of being an actual human being.  When people who label themselves as religious examples in whatever manner lash out with nasty comments and hateful retorts.  Those people I cannot abide.

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W.E.B. Adamant said...

I had a similar discussion with someone who said "if the socialist uneducated Nazi shoe fits, then I say go ahead and wear it."

It's alright. It's time to celebrate now, and we'll fight the battles as they come.