16 November 2008

a holiday for hanging.

This weekend has been pretty amazing.  I mean, freakish amounts of work aside, it's been pretty amazing.  Friday night was dinner at Fuji's and the new James Bond movie.  I even got flowers out of the deal.  :)  We came back and baked two pumpkin pies from scratch.  Well, the filling was from scratch.  The crusts tote weren't.

Saturday, I slept in until about 1:00pm.  I didn't really get much accomplished except for painting my nails and finishing up my TAG proposal for the New York trip over Spring Break.  I really hope I get a good chunk of the cost for that.  It'd be so awesome to go!

I had my birthday dinner on Saturday night at Michaelangelo's.  I spent too much money, but it was worth it.  I had fettucini alfredo with penne pasta and shrimp and a Godiva Chocolate Martini.  The latter was incredible, haha.  It was like drinking chocolate milk, but with a bite.  Definitely worth the $8.00 you have to pay for it.  Laura and Ashley didn't get to make it to the dinner, so it was just Laina, Julie, Derrick, Trent, Joe, Alycia (whose birthday we were also sort of celebrating!), and Ryan.  My beautiful friends bought me Season Two of Doctor Who!  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.  Let the fangirl-dom ensue.

I've just got lots of work to do now.  Two tests to study for, a research paper, an audition to prepare for, a jury piece to work on, and two group projects to help organize.  Not too stressed, am I?  Oh, and about fifty bajillion government journals I'm behind on.  WAHHHH.

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disneykid1 said...

OH EM GEE. i didnt know you were trying to get an NYC GRANT. I MIGHT BE THERE. AHHHHH. STAY WITH ME.