10 November 2008

funny men.

I'm sitting in the Forum at the moment... I had to finish a government paper, and now I need to run over to Snow Fine Arts to (a) listen to a Paradise Lost reading, and (b) practice for my lesson.  GEEZ I have too much to do.  I have to memorize my harmonic scales, practice for an audition later this week, and rehearse with my jury accompanist.  That's just for band, I'm afraid... I've got loads else to do.  Tomorrow's my birthday, but I'm willing to post-pone the excitement for the weekend.  It just doesn't feel like I'm 21 anyway.

Alli came and showed me her mock Watchmen trailer for Laughing Stock.  We filmed it last night.  AHHHH it looks awesome!  Definitely cool.  I'll post a youtube link once she uploads it to the site.

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disneykid1 said...

j/k. happy almost birthday! <3
it shall all soon pass.