24 November 2008

I’m just bad news: 100th Entry

Happy 100th entry, Blogger!

And boyo, do I have some awesome stuff to write for this one.

I'm going to start this off by saying I had a great weekend. For reeeeal. Laina, Jules, Bethany, and I all drove to Fort Smith on Friday afternoon. Her fam took us out to eat, and we went to see Twilight. Yeah, yeah, go ahead and judge, hahaha. We'd made a commitment to go, so I guess we had to. We got to the theater two hours early, though, so we were first in line. Def. It was pretty rad, because people would come in and stand behind us. …Well, it was pretty rad until these three bieyawcheng, peroxide-stained, leather-tanned girls line-jumped us. …I'm so serious. We were first in line, and they line-jumped us. How dumb can you be?? For real. We didn't say anything to them, but everyone in line behind us was getting pissed, too. Especially when the girls started complaining amongst themselves that there were some other people trying to line-jump them. Ugh. Idiots. We won out in the end, though. I'd been watching the ticket boy, and the second I saw his superior give him the green light to start taking Twilight tickets, I shoved Julie past the girls to the front again. Beth and Laina were pulled through the middle of the girls, which didn't please them at all. They spouted some snide remarks, to which we cheerfully cried "Thanks!" and ran away. Mature, I know, but what can you do? ;)

The movie was okay. Just that, okay. Julie put it well when she said it was the Reader's Digest version of the book. The colors and artistic aspects of the film were nice, but everything else was lackluster. I just hope they work a little harder to make the next movie more accessible as a movie and not a summary of what Meyer wrote. Just my opinion here, though.

On Saturday, we ate dinner in Rogers and shopped, then went to what was probably the best concert EVER. The Punch Brothers (featuring the late Nickel Creek's very own Chris Thile!) came to the Walton Arts Center in Fayetteville. I was practically bursting with excitement when we arrived, even despite the exceptionally disgusting Irish coffee I had at the Common Grounds coffeehouse beforehand.

The minute Chris and the rest of the band walked out on stage, we screamed and mad applause erupted… and Julie screamed, "I love your hair!" The little snot was loud enough for them to hear, hahaha. And Chris laughed and said he could sense sarcasm a mile away. We were tote serious, though. The violinist disputed that the comment was for Chris, of course. ;) It was pretty funny, and each time they came back on stage after breaks, a new person would yell that they loved Chris's hair. Ah, love. The concert was HAMAZING. The music was beautiful. Perfect. Chris's voice is every bit was gorgeous in person as it is on his recordings. And the rest of the band was incredibly talented. I was floored by the talent in the room.

After the concert, we got in line for autographs in the lobby, staying near the back. The amount of shaking I suffered was pretty much directly related to the proximity to Chris. I about died when I stepped up to the table, finally, and noticed his eyes were on me. "Hi…" I began. "My name is Bekah… um… and I have been a fan of your music for many years…" I lamely asked him to sign my CD booklet from his "How to Grow a Woman from the Ground" CD, and he obliged, writing "Thanks Bekah!" and signing. When Julie's turn came, however, she introduced herself as the girl who liked his hair. And got to run her fingers through it. His hair, I mean. AGHHH I died of jealousy right there, haha. She and the band seemed to be pretty buddy-buddy, and I was just basking in the proximity to one of my idols from waaaaaay back to junior high school.

Oh, and we managed a picture with Chris. Here y'are. I'm supposed to be getting two more from a very nice guy named John who took pictures of us with his own, much better, camera. I'll post those when I get them.

There's more stuff to say, but that stuff can wait 'til later. I'm just glad it's almost Thanksgiving! I get to see family (save a few, including my big brother *sigh*) and relax for a few days. ♥.

Later! -- Beks


16 November 2008

a holiday for hanging.

This weekend has been pretty amazing.  I mean, freakish amounts of work aside, it's been pretty amazing.  Friday night was dinner at Fuji's and the new James Bond movie.  I even got flowers out of the deal.  :)  We came back and baked two pumpkin pies from scratch.  Well, the filling was from scratch.  The crusts tote weren't.

Saturday, I slept in until about 1:00pm.  I didn't really get much accomplished except for painting my nails and finishing up my TAG proposal for the New York trip over Spring Break.  I really hope I get a good chunk of the cost for that.  It'd be so awesome to go!

I had my birthday dinner on Saturday night at Michaelangelo's.  I spent too much money, but it was worth it.  I had fettucini alfredo with penne pasta and shrimp and a Godiva Chocolate Martini.  The latter was incredible, haha.  It was like drinking chocolate milk, but with a bite.  Definitely worth the $8.00 you have to pay for it.  Laura and Ashley didn't get to make it to the dinner, so it was just Laina, Julie, Derrick, Trent, Joe, Alycia (whose birthday we were also sort of celebrating!), and Ryan.  My beautiful friends bought me Season Two of Doctor Who!  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.  Let the fangirl-dom ensue.

I've just got lots of work to do now.  Two tests to study for, a research paper, an audition to prepare for, a jury piece to work on, and two group projects to help organize.  Not too stressed, am I?  Oh, and about fifty bajillion government journals I'm behind on.  WAHHHH.

12 November 2008

Happy 21st.

Even though my 21st birthday royally sucked, I've come to realize I still have friends who love and care about me.  So I guess things will be okay.

10 November 2008

salut? salut. mes courses.

My schedule for next semester is set:

  • Oboe Lesson (1 hr)
  • Symphonic Band (1 hr, though we rehearse 3 hours a week)
  • Cognitive Psychology (3 hrs)
  • Physiological Psychology (3 hrs)
  • Principles of Sociology (3 hrs)
  • Senior Seminar:  Issues in Global Economics and Environment (3 hrs)
  • Stage Makeup (3 hrs)

It should be an interesting semester... technically I'll be a senior (hence the senior seminar).  I'll be spending a lot of time in Snow and Mashburn.  Wahh... not look forward to all the upper division classes.  With luck, Stage Makeup will be the escape I hope it's going to be!

Joe, I'm gonna miss you next semester.  :(  Don't forget about us.  ♥.

funny men.

I'm sitting in the Forum at the moment... I had to finish a government paper, and now I need to run over to Snow Fine Arts to (a) listen to a Paradise Lost reading, and (b) practice for my lesson.  GEEZ I have too much to do.  I have to memorize my harmonic scales, practice for an audition later this week, and rehearse with my jury accompanist.  That's just for band, I'm afraid... I've got loads else to do.  Tomorrow's my birthday, but I'm willing to post-pone the excitement for the weekend.  It just doesn't feel like I'm 21 anyway.

Alli came and showed me her mock Watchmen trailer for Laughing Stock.  We filmed it last night.  AHHHH it looks awesome!  Definitely cool.  I'll post a youtube link once she uploads it to the site.

05 November 2008

I hope you meet someone your height so you can see eye to eye with someone as small as you.

It's amazing how petty some people can be.  A former friend who spread some nasty rumors about me in middle school, blaming them on one of our friends, indirectly attacked me last night after I replied to a mean status she had posted on FB in reaction to Obama's election.

She deleted my "Wow, **** (her name)." comment and wrote the last update.  Pretty silly.  I thought we were out of high school.  I probably should have resisted, but I sent her a message telling her I respected her political views, but I didn't appreciate the alienating comment.  She blew up, went full-on defensive, trying to start up a who's-the-better-person match and saying I personally insulted her by writing that on her wall.

I didn't know "wow" was so insulting.

Anyway, I replied with a concilatory, but firm statement of why I said what I did, why what I said wasn't an insult, told her that whatever personal differences we might have had nothing to do with my comments, and then said I was leaving it at that.

She told me to stop trying.  So I deleted her, no big deal.  I knew it wasn't going to end well, but still.  It just pisses me off when people are so stupid.  When indoctrination and personal beliefs get in the way of being an actual human being.  When people who label themselves as religious examples in whatever manner lash out with nasty comments and hateful retorts.  Those people I cannot abide.

04 November 2008

A Moment in History

You know what pisses me off? People who are being douchebags about the whole election. People I love and have a lot of respect for are stooping to act like idiots, showing gross negativity toward our next president and the election results.  Americans should be looking forward and standing together... regardless of which figure the people voted into office.

Quotes like these:

___________ is AWAITING 2012 IF we make it there without the poor taking over! Goodbye AMERICA, yes that will probably be taken away too.
________________ is thinking that the free world that our citizens have fought to keep is coming to an end.
________________ is upset--- USA has a president by the name of Barak Hussein Obama! That ain't right!
________________ is ready to go on a 4 year vacation to another country...
________________ is glad her real citizenship lies in heaven...
________________ is crying.
________________ hopes all you people who voted for Obama because is was the cool thing to do are happy, as for those who think for themselves I feel your pain...
________________ thinks this country just made the worst decision of its life...at least now the Dems can't blame Republicans when it all goes down the drain...

The list continues on.
I just hope these people can heal the rifts they're creating by degrading and ignorant words.
And me... I'm only happy the election is over, and we can get on with our lives.

So congratulations, President Obama.  McCain, you have my respect.

UPDATE:  Pettiness reached a whole new level when the girl who spread rumors about me in middle school indirectly attacked me via status update.  Will write more on this later.

02 November 2008

sometimes my mind don't shake and shiver, but most of the time it does.

I find myself forgetting about things more and more easily these days.  You know, things I ought to be doing.  Journals for government and Honors, for example.  Studying for tests.  Practicing for lessons or upcoming auditions.  Preparing for upcoming events.  Organizing for group meetings I'm supposed to contribute to or lead.  As my time here at UCA runs shorter (just a little over a year left), my motivation to keep up morale has waned more and more.  All I can see these days is beyond.  I find myself planning for things that haven't even begun to happen.  Trying to find affordable apartments in Fort Lauderdale, New York, Atlanta.  Looking up job opportunities for makeup artists in those respective areas.  Looking for makeup jobs here in Conway or in Little Rock for in the meantime...

Katie, my high school bestie, got engaged last week.  It's strange thinking of any of my close high school friends being engaged.  I guess I partially imagined we would all be the way we always were until we were out of college and established (what does that even mean?) in the world.  How silly of me to be so naive!  I leave and come back to find Katie in love and engaged to a good guy.  And I'm so happy for her.  Plus, I get to be her maid-of-honor, which means I get to help her plan the wedding, something I love thinking about.  But some part of me-- the overthinking part, mind you-- can't help but pretend I'm planning my own wedding as I flip through bridal magazines and surf accompanying websites.  Some part of me wishes it was mine.

Ah, me.  :)  I envy Katie her happiness.  I hope she knows how lucky she is.

Not that the path I've chosen is less worthy or anything; I'm not knocking it at all.  I know where I want to be and how I want to get there...  and I know it's possible.  I'm not deluded enough to expect to be the next Carmindy or a winner on Blush:  The Search for the Next Great Makeup Artist, but I can dream.  And someday, somewhere, I'll have a husband and a family and a place of my own.

It's just the getting there that can become a little arduous.

Signing out to try to get some homework done--