02 October 2008

My animal is the koala.

It's getting easier to deal with being alone when I shouldn't be (if that makes any sense).  A couple of weeks ago, I was an absolute mess.  I guess it's just when... when your heart breaks and rebreaks a hundred thousand times over things you can't really deal with openly, self-preservation can't help but kick in.  I tried for a long time to make this one different, to keep myself from putting distance between us like I always seem to do.  And for a long time, I did pretty well.  But the insecurity and unease was eating me away with about the same effects as hydrofluoric acid.  In short:  painful.  So... it really just fills me with this horrible, heart-sinking sadness, now that I know things have probably passed the point of no return.  I had such high hopes... I thought I'd really encountered someone who could get me.

Aie, me.  I'm just so tired.  Batter up?...  I think I'm going to sit this one out.

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