18 October 2008

More Adventurous

Well, my break has been interesting so far, to say the least.
I broke it off with my not-b/f on Wednesday night...
Sunday morning I got up early and drove to downtown Little Rock for an AASIS training class.
I ate cheap sushi with my impromptu class friend, Sarah.
I passed my AASIS class with a 100 on my test.
I drove home (to Jonesboro).
I went to visit Evan (and friends) at his house, and took comfort in being around friends.
I had lunch with Katie and laughed a lot.
I had an awkward visit with Brian, which included watching Aeon Flux in complete silence.
Got invited to a birthday party for a guy friend of Katie's and her boyfriend's, for the sole reason that I am a friend, as well as single and female.
Though the night started out awkwardly, I ended up having fun at the party.
Apparently I am "hot," but I agree with Carl (another friend/party-goer) on the subject of the shy birthday kid (and yeah, not really a kid):
Yeah, it wouldn't work out.
Like I said, I'm just taking comfort from being around friends.
I got home past three, near to four last night.
I'm about to jump in the shower.
Evan will be here in two hours to pick me up and take me to where he and his friends are camping out.
:)  I'm looking forward to it.

Still haven't gotten any work done... Maybe I ought to take my French or something to the camp tonight to work on it.

Anywho...  I hope Joe's having fun out of state, and I hope Julie and Laina are having fun with their fams.  Btw, Julie, I introduced my mom to la musique de Rilo Kiley.  She really likes her!  :)

Off to shower.  Update later?  Perhaps.

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Anonymous said...

Who doesn't like Rilo Kiley?

Eh. Well, actually, I am slightly cold towards them right now. But that's because summer is over. And this was clearly summer music.

Your break was tres exciting than mine. Rejoice in the fact that you have something to write about.