27 October 2008


Yeah... so we had a shooting at our school last night.  It's really bizarre to think that something like that could happen here in "quaint" little Conway.  Even more bizarre to imagine two people were hurt and killed at a place I pass by daily.  It's an alleyway between one of the older dorms and the fine arts center.  I cut through there to shave some time from my morning pedestrian commute to class on the other end of campus.  My friends and I call it the "Rape Cave"... mostly because it's dark and kind of shady-looking.  How ironic the shooting happened there.  Two boys were shot and killed, both UCA students, a third (nonstudent) merely injured and still alive.  There's been talk the incident was gang-related, and that's entirely possible.  We don't think it was random.  It was a driveby shooting, not a mentally unstable kid coming into class with a handgun.

I don't know how to feel about the situation, honestly.  I found out last night not long after we heard all the sirens... Laina and Julie and I were watching Poltergeist when Drew Branscum sent me a text message to stay inside with the doors locked, that there was a shooting on campus.  We hunkered down and began spreading our own word to friends and family.  Whatever you may hear on the news about us getting an alert about the situation before 10pm is a lie.  The incident happened around 9:15pm, but we weren't sent emergency emails until after 10pm.  Mine came in at about 10:20pm.  The UCAPD Website and the Emergency Hotline also failed to supply warnings/alerts until about that time or later.  There is considerable unrest on campus about the complete lack of information students were supplied last night.   Some didn't even know about it except through Facebook status updates.  I wouldn't have known about it until our RA came to talk to us after 10pm if Drew hadn't texted me.

I guess the bottom line is that while I'm fine and my friends are fine, we're all a little unnerved about the way things were handled.  My heart breaks for the students' families that now suffer the loss of their sons and brothers.  My heart is also breaking for this school, that I love.  It will recover, but at this point, I just don't know how.


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