07 October 2008

It's not as if the sun won't shine when clouds above wash the blues away.

Like Julie, and probably every other student at UCA today, I'm coming to the realization that this week (and a half) bites.  And not in a good way.  I'm trying to stay on top of things and not get too stressed, but it's right on the edge of things... An annoying little itch that tells me everything could fall apart on a pindrop.

I joined a pretty tough quintet yesterday on a favor for a friend, and I'm regretting it already.  My first rehearsal with them is tomorrow, and I'm not ready for it-- I just got the music yesterday.  Our competition is on November 1st.  Death, anyone?  Haha.  Lucky for me, though, this means I won't have to do a jury this year.  But it doesn't mean I don't have to start practicing harmonic scales for spring tryouts.  :/  Sigh.

I've also got a painful talk in my near future.  I'm walking around in a haze when I'm alone, kind of denying that it's happening.  I don't want it to happen.  I resent that it has to.  Again:  sigh.  Of course.

There are some things I'm looking forward to in the near future, though.  I'm going home next week, on Thursday.  I'll be there for a few days, catching up on sleep, spending time with my mom, Evan, Amy, maybe Katie, and whoever else.  Probably having an awkward encounter with Brian, too.  Awkward?  Awkward.  And a week later, I'm going on an all-expenses-paid road trip with Phil and Rick (awkward? awkward.) of the Honors College and a few other students to the annual National Collegiate Honors Council in San Antonio.  Just about two weeks after that is Family Day (my mom will be in attendance!), my 21st birthday, and all sorts of wackiness.

For now, however, all hail the season of midterms.  Let's sigh for a third time.  Sigh.  Amen.


Jules Kelly said...

ermmm. where to start?

so, worst week ever. next week: fall break.

then one worst week ever after another? hopefully not.

and don't be swayed by the spinning Dalek.

Ryeanna said...

I'm not! I promise. Just sad. :/ lol.