22 September 2008

Was he with you at the railway?

Finally I get to write about something other than being unhappy!  Today was super busy, but all-in-all?  Pretty great.

Classes went well.  I was a little scared in my US Gov & Politics class when we got our tests back from last week.  I got a much lower grade than I had expected to get, but when we went over the answers in class (without the Scantron sheets, though), I noticed that I'd only missed one question (we were told to circle our answers on our test papers the day of the test, so we'd be able to know which questions we'd missed).  So I spoke to the professor after class, and he checked up on it.  Turns out I was right-- thank goodness.  So my grade is still safe.

Also, I'd given my [beautiful] oboe to Dr. Duso last Friday to take to a guy in Hot Springs to be worked on this weekend.  I've been having a few problems with getting my low register to speak, as well as my Bb key sticking occasionally.  I was delighted to get my horn back today repaired and sounding like new.  It has a completely different personality now, would you believe it?  Definitely darker, smoother, more confident.  I.  Loves.  It.  Dr. Duso told me to tell her if I ever wanted to sell it.  :p  I don't know if that'll ever happen.  I love my Lorelei too much.

Might have picked up another gig, too, playing the Messiah in Pine Bluff in December... the day after my already scheduled gig in Blytheville!  I'd be traveling a lot that weekend, but I think it'd be awfully fun.  Plus, Andrew said they might pay for a hotel for me in Blytheville if I took on the job.  We'll see.

I suppose that's it for the day.  Just wanted you guys to know I'm not all doom-and-gloom.  Just really had an off-time this weekend.  I'm trying to push through all that.  :)

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