20 September 2008

the day.

Though the first part of the day was filled with absolutely nothing, I'm happy to say the second part was a lot better.  When Julie got home, she and I went to Chic-Fil-A... then went to Target.  Where Julie and I proceeded to acquire some pretty awesome merchandise.


Soft-Bake sugar cookies
Makeup remover pads


Newman-Os (Hint o' Mint)
a John Candy 3-movie DVD (yep...)

After we left, Julie and I went cruising, windows down, 80's music blasting, dancing like fools.  It definitely made the day better.  We joined Lains and "Aarbear" to watch The Village and, of course, enjoyed making fun of it.  So while I may have been less than happy that I didn't get a call or anything today...  I'm okay.  Really, I am.

I love my friends.

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