01 September 2008

there's a kind of emptiness that can fill you.

Dear Blogger,

Sometimes I hate myself for my own insecurities because they are just that: insecurities. They're stupid. More often than not, they're unfounded. Can't help it, though. It's just me.

Anyway, I ended up having a good weekend at home. It was good to be with my mom. My aunt Kathy, Mom, and I went to O'Charley's for lunch after church on Sunday-- excellent food always. Always and always. (sigh.) After a nap, I hung out with Amy's fam Sunday night. We ate at Zaxby's (that's right, Julie. Yummm). Matt was being a sweet li'l brother (little only by name, as he's about a foot taller than I am, the giant kid lol) and keeping me warm. I miss that family awfully. I wish we lived closer together.

Amy and I "girl-talked" for a while before Matt interrupted us, and we all hung out for a bit before they drove me home. Today... was really just me reading and packing up. I was planning on seeing Geoff this afternoon, but plans often don't pan out. Ryle hira! So here I am back at the dorm. Jules and Lains are playing Lord of the Rings in the living room. :) Ah, roommate bonding. I think I'm going to get a quick shower before finishing up my honors homework. I feel like a big grosslie.

btw, my room is finally a little homier. I brought my bookshelf, more pillows, a few paintings, a chair, and a lamp. Finally starting to feel like my room. S'about time, too.

Elua hold you in his hands,


Anonymous said...

So, I missed your last 3 blogs. But that doesn't mean that I missed them. Because we're living them? Ummm.

And I hope you didn't have a Zaxplosion. That would be terribleness.

And Amadeus is somewhere in your room. What a pip!

Love you like The Beatles,

disneykid1 said...

since when does julie use blogger?
i hate her.
my room still doesnt feel like home. =(