27 September 2008

Julie and Bekah's Infinite Playlist

When I got back from watching The Pillowman in Little Rock with Patrick, Natalie, and Beth, Julie and I went to Walmart to get a couple of things.  It was about midnight already when we left.  Some pretty amusing stuff happened.

1.  We bought some shady stuff.
2.  We saw fog and followed it.
3.  We got in a dragrace with a guy in a black car with tinted windows.  Julie shrugged visibly at him, then waved during our second pass.  I think he was trying to show off.
4.  We outran the campus police.  ...I was speeding a little down Farris, and we passed a cop car going the opposite direction.  He turned his lights on not long after we passed him, and Julie and I, freaking out, pulled quickly in the parking lot and ducked, for fear that the car was turning around.  We got to the dorm unscathed.

I ate at Vino's before the play tonight-- excellent food!  Then we went to the play across the street at the Weekend Theater.  The rendition was pretty decent!  I was impressed.  Good acting, given the circumstances.  They done McDonagh good!  (pun tote intended).  After the play, we went to Barnes & Noble/Starbucks, got some dessert and coffee, perused and bought some books, and then accompanied B-e-t-h to the liquor store so she could buy some cider.

All in all, a good day.  :)

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