14 September 2008

don't you forget about me.

Sometimes I feel like my life'll never get started.
Watched P.S. I Love You tonight, and probably shouldn't have.
Now I'm listening to The Wailin' Jennys on Pandora.
I probably should be studying for Abnormal Psych or Government, but I'm feeling really apathetic.

My head cold has traveled to my lungs, so I've been hacking and wheezing like a big grosslie all weekend.  I'm sure my roommates appreciate that lots.  :p

I suppose what I'll do now is try to clean my room up some for the week ahead, bag up my trash (both literal and metaphorical), and try to read up for my classes tomorrow before I go to bed.  Couldn't hurt.


Anonymous said...

Your life has started, it's just the beginning's a little slow. That's all.

And your cold isn't annoying. Even though I was slightly miffed when you coughed in my room. And I think Scruffy has the TB.

disneykid1 said...

im glad i got to hang out w/ you guys today. it was just what i needed.
i hope you get better! i feel like my life will never start either.
i think its hard bc now we know what we want and we just dont really know how to get it soon enough. xoxo.