08 September 2008

Always and always.

First illness of the year, one to be treated with vast amounts of juice, little round red pills, and chagrined patience.  I hope it clears up quickly.  I'm not pleased!

Other than that mess, I'm doing a lot better this week than I was last week.  The sunny days have helped, and I've got a likewise sunnier disposition at the moment.  I saw Geoff twice this weekend, spent way too much money out shopping with Julie, Monique, and Jessica, took Julie to church with me and let my church families buy us lunch, and got to have a smoothie and catch up with Ryan.  In all, a good weekend.

Finished Kushiel's Mercy.  I'm sad to see it done, but Elua, it was good.  Sooooo good.
And now on to my Honors reading.  Seriously.  There isn't a comparison.

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