24 August 2008

so why don't you slide?

Julie and I got in some good bonding time tonight. :p We were going to eat at Chic-Fil-A, and, um, it was tote closed. Duh, guys. It's a Sunday. So we went to Chili's next door instead. Yum. We split a combo of lime and pepper shrimp and margarita chicken. Very good stuff, yo.

Once again, I bought makeup today that I did not need, and yet wanted pretty badly. Story of my life. And my pocketbook.

I've been pretty worried about Geoff lately, and if he reads this, then meh! He's not been very assertive about seeing the doctor about his headaches, and I'm worried it's something more than just an ear infection... since his medicine doesn't really seem to be working its usual magic. If he doesn't get it taken care of, I might have to turn into Mom-Bekah and drag him to a doctor. He was a real sweetheart last night/this morning, though, and it might be a little too gushy to put this on my blog. Eh... read on at your own risk.

Managed to have a nightmare last night. This time it was a semi-apocalyptic type dream... fireballs raining out of the sky, destroying homes, buildings, lives, etc. People screaming, death everywhere, mayhem, mass destruction. That whole bit. It was disturbing enough to be able to wake myself up... but unfortunately it was also one of those dreams that grabs hold and doesn't let go. Whenever I'd fall back asleep, it'd pick back up where it left off, so I'd have to wake myself up again. I ended up texting Geoff, not really wanting to call and wake him up... and was pleasantly surprised he replied almost immediately. It was pretty much wee morning hours... and I think he was up because of his headache. But he stayed up with me and talked to me to make sure I was okay. Sweet boy.

Classes this semester are going to be okay, I think. MWF are freakishly busy, though... and I'm going to be working in Little Rock TTh. Only about 9 hours a week, unfortunately. Eh. Take out taxes from that, and it's not a very impressive paycheck. Laughing Stock will be fun this year, I think. I'm going to enjoy heading it up with Sam, who seems to have some great ideas for the leadership. I really don't have much to contribute to the team, in the end... just makeup and organizational skills. And all the encouragement and cheerfulness in the world. And networking. Smiling face. S'all we need, right? I hope so. I don't want to appear to be doing nothing. We'll see what we can get goin'.

Ack. First Farris Hall fire alarm of the year. Those alarms are seriously not cool. They will make us all deaf. Dumb idiots who designed those should be put in a small room with four of those, one on each wall, for five minutes. See how much they like it! Hmph.

Alright. It's bedtime. I've gotta get up early to go to the UCA PD to acquire a parking sticker (I was, sadly, remiss this year. ugh). Ciao.

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