16 August 2008

your turn at bat, sir.

I spent too much money on a docking station/alarm clock for my iPod tonight...

It probably wasn't wise for me to spend the money, but I've been wanting a docking station for ages now, since my old one went kaput on me.

This is the one I was wanting...

But, you know, I should've just splurged $10 more and gotten the iHome... it's a little prettier than the Jensen. :p

Anyway. I'm back in the dorm now. Ugh. Haha... I'm a little sad about it, and I'm a little sad that I'm sad about it, too. A little school-weary, I guess. This summer's experience with "classes" kinda burned me out. And I guess I've been feeling a little weird this week. Yesterday I moped around a bit (okay, never mind, pretty much the entire day). It was a slow day at work, and very quiet, and for some reason it really got to me. I got depressed, and not even just because of the prospect of moving back to school. There must have been something else bugging me, but I honestly can't figure out what. Maybe giving blood and being bone-tired just made me more susceptible to moodiness. Or maybe it's just me being moody. That doesn't happen very often, thankfully, so I wasn't too worried about it.

After buying those Punch Brothers tickets, I realized I had none of their music. So I downloaded some last night. Lovely, lovely music. I don't think we'll be disappointed at all.

Tomorrow my roommates (and the rest of the world) move in. It'll be nice to see everyone again, admittedly. I've missed them. I got to see Laina today, as I told her she could drop her stuff off at the room so she didn't have to haul it in tomorrow. Her hair is longer!!! Craziness.

Hok. I'm done.
I need foods. Like whoa.
Kkbai, Bekah.

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Jules said...

aw. beks. laina's hair did get longer...but i didn't notice. i didn't think about it. so, like, what are you doing?