03 August 2008

but time takes time, you know.

I think I'll write about something happy this evening.  Some good stuff that's been going on with me since I returned from Ireland.  I met a guy.  I kid you not.  A guy.  And not just any guy.  A freaking GOOD guy.  That never happens.  He isn't a jerk.  He isn't trying to use me.  He's responsible, he's graduated from school, he has a job.  He isn't afraid to be silly.  He likes his family.

All those things are pretty cool in my book.

We're both on the same page with most things.  And that includes relationship stuff.  We're taking it slow as snails, and for once, I'm okay with that.


He freaking watched Doctor Who with me.
+2801924573021857124.02 points to him.

Also, I am enjoying my new job working in Highway Patrol Administration at Arkansas State Police Headquarters.  For the past three weeks I was the "Pam" of my "Office," but tomorrow the regular secretary comes back, and I'm getting relocated to an office of my own.

...I'll probably boycott it until Mike gets back from his vacation on Thursday.  I'm planning to gank his desk in the meantime.

.....................and "Scene."

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