27 August 2008

again, again, again, again, again.

Dear Blogger,
Not even a full week into school, and I'm already stressed to the point of tears.
It's not supposed to be that way.

24 August 2008

so why don't you slide?

Julie and I got in some good bonding time tonight. :p We were going to eat at Chic-Fil-A, and, um, it was tote closed. Duh, guys. It's a Sunday. So we went to Chili's next door instead. Yum. We split a combo of lime and pepper shrimp and margarita chicken. Very good stuff, yo.

Once again, I bought makeup today that I did not need, and yet wanted pretty badly. Story of my life. And my pocketbook.

I've been pretty worried about Geoff lately, and if he reads this, then meh! He's not been very assertive about seeing the doctor about his headaches, and I'm worried it's something more than just an ear infection... since his medicine doesn't really seem to be working its usual magic. If he doesn't get it taken care of, I might have to turn into Mom-Bekah and drag him to a doctor. He was a real sweetheart last night/this morning, though, and it might be a little too gushy to put this on my blog. Eh... read on at your own risk.

Managed to have a nightmare last night. This time it was a semi-apocalyptic type dream... fireballs raining out of the sky, destroying homes, buildings, lives, etc. People screaming, death everywhere, mayhem, mass destruction. That whole bit. It was disturbing enough to be able to wake myself up... but unfortunately it was also one of those dreams that grabs hold and doesn't let go. Whenever I'd fall back asleep, it'd pick back up where it left off, so I'd have to wake myself up again. I ended up texting Geoff, not really wanting to call and wake him up... and was pleasantly surprised he replied almost immediately. It was pretty much wee morning hours... and I think he was up because of his headache. But he stayed up with me and talked to me to make sure I was okay. Sweet boy.

Classes this semester are going to be okay, I think. MWF are freakishly busy, though... and I'm going to be working in Little Rock TTh. Only about 9 hours a week, unfortunately. Eh. Take out taxes from that, and it's not a very impressive paycheck. Laughing Stock will be fun this year, I think. I'm going to enjoy heading it up with Sam, who seems to have some great ideas for the leadership. I really don't have much to contribute to the team, in the end... just makeup and organizational skills. And all the encouragement and cheerfulness in the world. And networking. Smiling face. S'all we need, right? I hope so. I don't want to appear to be doing nothing. We'll see what we can get goin'.

Ack. First Farris Hall fire alarm of the year. Those alarms are seriously not cool. They will make us all deaf. Dumb idiots who designed those should be put in a small room with four of those, one on each wall, for five minutes. See how much they like it! Hmph.

Alright. It's bedtime. I've gotta get up early to go to the UCA PD to acquire a parking sticker (I was, sadly, remiss this year. ugh). Ciao.

16 August 2008

your turn at bat, sir.

I spent too much money on a docking station/alarm clock for my iPod tonight...

It probably wasn't wise for me to spend the money, but I've been wanting a docking station for ages now, since my old one went kaput on me.

This is the one I was wanting...

But, you know, I should've just splurged $10 more and gotten the iHome... it's a little prettier than the Jensen. :p

Anyway. I'm back in the dorm now. Ugh. Haha... I'm a little sad about it, and I'm a little sad that I'm sad about it, too. A little school-weary, I guess. This summer's experience with "classes" kinda burned me out. And I guess I've been feeling a little weird this week. Yesterday I moped around a bit (okay, never mind, pretty much the entire day). It was a slow day at work, and very quiet, and for some reason it really got to me. I got depressed, and not even just because of the prospect of moving back to school. There must have been something else bugging me, but I honestly can't figure out what. Maybe giving blood and being bone-tired just made me more susceptible to moodiness. Or maybe it's just me being moody. That doesn't happen very often, thankfully, so I wasn't too worried about it.

After buying those Punch Brothers tickets, I realized I had none of their music. So I downloaded some last night. Lovely, lovely music. I don't think we'll be disappointed at all.

Tomorrow my roommates (and the rest of the world) move in. It'll be nice to see everyone again, admittedly. I've missed them. I got to see Laina today, as I told her she could drop her stuff off at the room so she didn't have to haul it in tomorrow. Her hair is longer!!! Craziness.

Hok. I'm done.
I need foods. Like whoa.
Kkbai, Bekah.

14 August 2008

Carry this picture for luck.

A month into the job, and I've already found myself in a potentially stressful position where my future is not quite my own. The new major pulled me into his office yesterday and more or less asked me to act as his personal assistant when I was here during school. I told him I'd be happy to, but he wanted me to move offices.

Aie, me... I kind of told him I wanted to stay here in my second new office (I've moved twice in the past week), but after talking to Mark this morning, I don't know if that's such a good idea. He said that... if I stuck with this new job as secretary/staff for the new major, it could build into a really good job for after I graduate school...

Which is what I was wanting from ASP.

I'd been planning on sticking with this job as long as possible so I could raise money for makeup school. I'd even been hoping to be able to keep this job, or get another one here, after I graduated for a year or so. That wouldn't be so bad, would it?

I don't know. It's what I want... but now I've got all this added stress on me. Mom told me I should think hard on whether taking it would be too stressful for me during school, as my schedule is always heinously hectic. The seeds of doubt planted, I'm terrified that if I took the job, I would fail in something... be it my job, schoolwork, oboe, friends, or extracurriculars (namely Laughing Stock, Ambassadors, and Council).

I told Mark I would think about it today... in the end, I might be moving over to Mike's old office after all. I don't know. We'll see. It just... makes me nervous, how the job, in Mark's opinion, seems to hinge on whether I take that office or not.



Other than that, things are going... really well. I've been dating a guy for about a month now, and I don't think I could be happier with the situation. He's quirky, sweet, intelligent, and he has honest blue eyes. What more could I ask for, really? Haha... Plus, he loves music. That helps. And he graduated from Honors at UCA. Which helps, too-- we kind of speak on the same level. We operate on the same wavelengths. It's weird... but in the end, a delightful surprise. Whatever I did to deserve a guy like him, I don't know... but I hope it lasts.

Moving into the dorm on Saturday. Mom'll be down to help me move. I bought 4 tickets for the Punch Brothers (Chris Thile of Nickel Creek's new band) concert in November. I also plan on buying a gorgeous orchid plant for my aunt as a surprise, but I'm still working on the details for that. Hopefully she'll be home on Saturday like we'd planned.


03 August 2008

but time takes time, you know.

I think I'll write about something happy this evening.  Some good stuff that's been going on with me since I returned from Ireland.  I met a guy.  I kid you not.  A guy.  And not just any guy.  A freaking GOOD guy.  That never happens.  He isn't a jerk.  He isn't trying to use me.  He's responsible, he's graduated from school, he has a job.  He isn't afraid to be silly.  He likes his family.

All those things are pretty cool in my book.

We're both on the same page with most things.  And that includes relationship stuff.  We're taking it slow as snails, and for once, I'm okay with that.


He freaking watched Doctor Who with me.
+2801924573021857124.02 points to him.

Also, I am enjoying my new job working in Highway Patrol Administration at Arkansas State Police Headquarters.  For the past three weeks I was the "Pam" of my "Office," but tomorrow the regular secretary comes back, and I'm getting relocated to an office of my own.

...I'll probably boycott it until Mike gets back from his vacation on Thursday.  I'm planning to gank his desk in the meantime.

.....................and "Scene."
How is it possible I've lost five pounds since I came back from Ireland?  Sheesh, I've been afraid to check the scales for fear I'd gained back ten, the way I've been eating since I've gone to live with my fam in Maumelle.

Strange.  Reeeeeeally strange.

Here's a shoutout to Reka and all my friends in Hungary.
Nagyon szeretlek!!!