05 May 2008

when that giant asteroid heads toward earth, I want you in the fighter jet.

Well, it's good to be home.  Infinitely good to be home.  I didn't realize how much I missed being here.  There's still some stuff I want to do before I'm completely comfortable... like cleaning my room, throwing stuff out.  I found a bag full of notes from Brian from high school.  Why the crap did I keep those?  I'd burn them if we had a fire, but I'm just as happy to throw them in the trash next time I'm outside.

Mom's birds are really cute.  Max is very social-- he let me pick him up and talk to him.  The other one isn't so nice.  He doesn't have a name yet (maybe he's crabby about that! Haha).

Mom bought me some clothes yesterday:
--orange cable knit sweater
--navy embroidered shirt
--grey t-shirt
--navy casual knit skirt

Very cool.  I'm just getting ready for Ireland, woo.  But there's still a plethora of things I need to get before next month.  Plus, I need to pay for my speeding ticket.  Darn that speeding ticket.  Grr.

All these nice homey-things aside, I'm missing my school friends like crazy.  Laina's on vacation right now, so she's kinda unreachable, and Julie's only gonna be in the States for a few more days.  Sadness!  I almost don't know what to do with myself without the two of them acting crazy in the next room.  /nostalgia.

My appointment with the EarNoseandThroat doctor is Thursday.  I've got to find a friend to guilt-trip into driving me over there, since my mom won't be able to show until later.  Am I nervous?  Very.  Very, very nervous.  I'm nervous they're going to cut into my ear without giving me proper anesthesia.  Or worse-- that they won't be able to operate on it at all on Thursday because the infection's not completely gone... which means I might not be able to get the stupid cyst removed until next week. Or later.  I WANT TO BE HEALED AND SCARRED UP BEFORE I LEAVE FOR IRELAND, DARNIT.


Sitting here watching What Not to Wear, considering showering and going shopping.  I'll bother you guys later.
♥.  Beks.

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