17 May 2008

seven brides for seven brothers.

Well, since yesterday, it seems like all I've done is sleep.  Which is pretty much the truth, actually.  My surgery went very well, everyone was really nice.  The least pleasant part was the IV (sorry, Joe, lol...), but it wasn't too bad.  I woke up from the anesthesia not knowing who I was or where I was, and it took me a while to figure all that out, haha...  They gave me some antibiotic salve, a 5-pill antibiotic pack, and a heck of a lot of serious painkillers.  All those seem to do is put me to sleep-- hence the sleeping-all-day part.

Kristy, and eventually Jeremy, came to see me yesterday.  It was a real treat to be able to see them.  I don't think I've been happier to see them ever.  We played Cranium, which I lost because Julie called me from Paris, and I got a bit distracted.  :p

My ear looks like I tried to pull a Van Gogh and changed my mind, midway... ending up sewing it back on.

For more pictures from yesterday's adventure and my ear's current status, check the last five pictures here.  I don't recommend looking if you're like to get squeamish, though.  It isn't pretty.

I'm lonely right now, but I've got some fun stuff going on next week.  On Monday, Kristy is taking me and JD to see Prince Caspian.  On Wednesday, my very own Derrick is driving up from Searcy to see me!  ♥  I am very anxious to see him.  And on Thursday, I'm getting my stitches removed.  ...Okay, so that isn't really going to be fun, but at least it's something.  

Tonight's plan is to try to finish reading this play, to watch this movie, and to drink lots of this.

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