08 May 2008

i want to be a crystal singer.

I've been having fun hanging out with Amy (and her fam) since I've been home.  She's been great, offering me rides when I need them.  She even came and sat with me in the doctor's office today while I waited for my appointment.  Tomorrow we've got a get-together with some of our old friends, like old times.  :)

Well, today's ENT appointment went well.  It was a relief to finally talk with a professional who knows what my problem is and exactly how to fix it.  I signed my life away tonight.  My surgery is scheduled for next Friday, May 16th.  It's outpatient, but they're putting me to sleep for it (hahaha, they're pretty much cutting my ear off.  Not really, but something like that).  I have to get some blood-work done next week before the surgery, so they know I'm not preggers or whatever.  I guess my word isn't good enough.  :p

Anyway, that's the excitement since I've been home.  I've been trying to clean/organize my room, but it's a hellish job.  I have too much crap that I don't need, but I hate to get rid of... nostalgia isn't good for organization.

Julie leaves for Paris tomorrow.  I'm going to miss her!  :(

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