26 May 2008


Well, blogger, as with every Monday, I stumbled over to weigh myself as soon as I hopped out of bed.
And I am pleased to report that I officially weigh lighter than I have since junior high school.  Ah, I take that back.  I lost 20 pounds when I got mono in 10th grade.  So.  I officially weigh lighter than I have since I got mono in 10th grade.

According to one set of scales, I have lost 37 pounds.
According to another set of scales, I have lost 38.5.

I'm going with the former one, only because it produced those numbers more reliably.  I was surprised, though!  I ate not-so-healthily last week.

It's a weird feeling, looking at myself in the mirror.  I don't really feel like I look any different in person, though when I took pictures of myself today, my face seemed alien to me.  I have cheekbones?  Really?  Who knew.

21 May 2008

another snippet of Ryeanna's story.

I just finished up this chapter, it goes in my book somewhere... I have a real problem of writing stuff in order.


            He awoke to find two large, sapphire blue eyes regarding him sternly.  Startled, he tried to sit up.

            “Don’t even try,” the woman warned just a moment too late, and he sank back onto the pallet with a groan.  His head ached miserably.

            “Who are you?”  Joshua hated the tremor in his voice.

            “Come now, that’s no way to thank someone who saved your life, is it?”  Her harsh reply belied the twinkle of amusement in those remarkable eyes.

            “I…”  He was shaking now, curse it all!  “I’m sorry.  Forgive me for being rude, Lady… I just… Thank you.”  It was lame, as usual.  He was not a very well-spoken man.

            “You’re welcome.”  She rose from the floor where he lay to poke at a low-burning fire on the nearby hearth.  “You may call me Ryeanna.  Just what were you doing walking the back streets alone after dark, anyway?  A man of your age, you should know better by now.”

            His eyes followed her as she spoke, observing his newfound savior.  She was a tall woman, trim and muscled.  By the way she moved, he gathered she was a fighter.  No, he knew that already from before—last night, was it?  There were no windows in the room, so he couldn’t tell.  She was Elvish, yes, with moonlight pale skin and wild charcoal hair.

            Remembering himself, he cleared throat before answering.  “I was coming home from a friend’s library.  I thought it would be quicker to go that way.  I know now how foolish it was…”

            “Foolish, indeed.  Do you not carry a knife about yourself?  No protection for such a situation?”  She turned back to look at him with a little frown marring her brow.

            “I’m afraid not… I… I guess I don’t think much about personal safety.”  He managed a weak smile.

            “Aye.  I could tell.”  She set a kettle over the fire and came back to sit beside him.  “I gave you my name.  What is yours?”

            “Joshua de Moselien, Lady, at your service.  I am but a humble scholar.”  He raised his right hand, fingertips hopelessly ink-stained, and gave a rueful smile.

            “Under different circumstances, it might be a pleasure. You’re very lucky, you realize.  Those men would not have left you alone even if you had given them your purse.”  She was staring at him again, and it made him a little uncomfortable.

            “Yes, I know.  And… thank you again, for helping me.”  Joshua blushed a bit, looking at the floor.

            “And you are twice welcome.  We will, of course, have to see about your self-preservation habits, though—or lack thereof.  There won’t always be someone around to hear your call for help.  Here.”  She picked up a pillow and scooted closer.  “Let’s get this pillow behind you so you can sit up a bit to drink your tea.”

            Moaning softly, he pushed himself up just long enough to let her shove the pillow behind him.  “I guess I got hit in the head…”

            “There, and just about everywhere else.  You’ll feel better once you get some tea in you.”  She stood and went to the fire.  “So, Joshua de Moselien.  I suppose you aren’t from around here, are you?”  She gingerly lifted the kettle from the fire and poured the steaming hot water into a plain ceramic teapot emitting a faint scent of herbs.

            “No, Lady, I am not.”

            “Just Ryeanna is fine.  No need for formalities here.”  She brushed her hair from her eyes and sat in a chair by the table.  “How long are you going to be staying?”

            He thought a moment, frowning in concentration.  “A month?  Maybe a little longer.  I have a few connections here… I am… writing a book.”  He saw her eyes glint with interest at the statement and waited.

            “Oh?  Are you?  What about, if you don’t mind me asking?”  She leaned back in the chair, indolent as a cat.

            “Economics, philosophy, science.  More philosophy than anything else, though.”  He managed a faint smile, looking toward the ceiling.

            “Sounds fascinating.”  She tugged absently on the end of her long black braid.  “How long have you been writing it?”

            Joshua rubbed a hand over his face and sighed ruefully.  “Two, three years.  It’s not very good, but I tarry diligently on.”  The woman grinned at him, and he felt his chest tighten.  She was dangerous, this Ryeanna, he could tell already.

            “Here.”  Before he knew it, she was pressing a steaming cup of tea into his hands.  “Drink up.  I’ll be right back.”

            “Wait, what time is it?”  He belatedly sipped at the tea and winced.  It tasted acrid.

            Ryeanna paused at the door, looking back at him.  “What time?  Oh… well, it’s just before dawn.  Or was, last time I checked.”

            “What, don’t you sleep?” he couldn’t help but ask.  The answering smile was enough to erase any embarrassment he’d experienced.

            “Sure I sleep.  I’m just an early riser.”  She flicks her fingers at him, gesturing for him to drink his tea as she disappeared out the doorway.  It was dark in the corridor outside, and he couldn’t imagine where she’d gone.  Where was he?  As he sipped, his eyes took in the whitewashed walls and cleanly swept floors of the room.  The fireplace was small, and it struck him as odd there would be a fireplace in a room with no windows.  The physics of the airflow and ventilation distracted him a moment before he forcefully yanked his mind back to the present.

            It was an interesting situation to find oneself in, he reflected as he dutifully drank the tea.  To be rescued from near-death by a beautiful woman, that was.  Only he could be so foolish as to get caught in a back alley after dark.  For the thousandth time since leaving home, he cursed his foolishness.  And to be saved by a woman!  Well, he couldn’t really be picky, and she did seem to be very self-possessed.  He paused a moment, trying to remember what had happened the night before.  Haziness tinged his thoughts, and he frowned, looking warily down at his cup of tea.

            His blue-eyed savior appeared in the doorway then, a tray balanced between her hands.  “Here we are… how are you feeling?”  She set the tray on the table and looked at him appraisingly.

            “Better, thanks… what’s in this tea?”  It was more from curiosity than from caution that he asked, which he demonstrated with another placatory sip.

            “Chamomile.  And some other things, but mostly chamomile.”  She grinned across the room at him, causing him to blush.  “I know it tastes awful, but you need to get some more sleep.  I might be up, but you still have a few hours before the rest of the world comes back to life.”  He watched as she pulled a piece of toast from the tray and took a bite.

            “Am I your captive then?”  As soon as the words left his mouth, he regretted them.  Stupid, stupid words.  He hoped the red in his cheeks wasn’t too visible in the firelight.  But she just smiled and reached over to take his empty cup from him.

            “For now, I suppose you are, Joshua de Moselien.  At least until you sleep off that headache of yours.”  After helping to remove the extra pillow from behind his back so he could lie down, she winked at him and patted his arm.

            As he felt himself drifting to sleep, he watched her break her fast and couldn’t help but entertain a congratulatory thought.  If one was ever to fall captive, one should definitely fall to someone like her.  

20 May 2008

why I am a big dork, reason #4359.

I knew that me being on heavy painkillers would probably bring on some funny moments, but I never imagined I would run into this one.  To explain, here is my conversation with friend Derrick

Bekbeks // Ryeanna says:
I. am the biggest loser on the planet.
And I'll tell you why, Derrick, but you're not allowed to laugh.
Here I've been trying to sleep for an hour, but there's been a persistent noise of a BUG preventing it!  One of those creepy crawly flying bug beetle crap things that makes too much noise for its own good and which crawls too fast to catch when you jump up to turn on the light to catch it!
I finally got so mad I turned on the light, grabbed my sword-- I kid you not, my sword-- and went on a bug hunt.
I bravely... knocked the bug from the ceiling with my sword... covered it with a cup, which I then covered with an old clog.
The bug will be severely dealt with on the morrow.

derrick says:

Bekbeks // Ryeanna says:
i intend to use my sword to deal with bugs more often.
gets the job done.

derrick says:
you're adorable.

Bekbeks // Ryeanna says:
another bug tried crawling in under my door during the massacre.
he's been 'mugged'...
well, i put a mug on top of him.

derrick says:

Bekbeks // Ryeanna says:

derrick says:
i heart you so much it hurts in the face.

Bekbeks // Ryeanna says:
does it? does it really? :/

derrick says:
you know it.

Bekbeks // Ryeanna says:
Ah.  Well... that's good.
...I've been sitting here with my sword on my knees listening for any more bug sounds.  I think I'm safe.

derrick says:
sounds like it.
go back to bed.  

Bekbeks // Ryeanna says:
k. ^_^

In other news, I had a dream about Doctor Who last night that involved snogging.  Yes, snogging.  With the Doctor, mind you, and it was a-maz-ing.  Hot.

17 May 2008

seven brides for seven brothers.

Well, since yesterday, it seems like all I've done is sleep.  Which is pretty much the truth, actually.  My surgery went very well, everyone was really nice.  The least pleasant part was the IV (sorry, Joe, lol...), but it wasn't too bad.  I woke up from the anesthesia not knowing who I was or where I was, and it took me a while to figure all that out, haha...  They gave me some antibiotic salve, a 5-pill antibiotic pack, and a heck of a lot of serious painkillers.  All those seem to do is put me to sleep-- hence the sleeping-all-day part.

Kristy, and eventually Jeremy, came to see me yesterday.  It was a real treat to be able to see them.  I don't think I've been happier to see them ever.  We played Cranium, which I lost because Julie called me from Paris, and I got a bit distracted.  :p

My ear looks like I tried to pull a Van Gogh and changed my mind, midway... ending up sewing it back on.

For more pictures from yesterday's adventure and my ear's current status, check the last five pictures here.  I don't recommend looking if you're like to get squeamish, though.  It isn't pretty.

I'm lonely right now, but I've got some fun stuff going on next week.  On Monday, Kristy is taking me and JD to see Prince Caspian.  On Wednesday, my very own Derrick is driving up from Searcy to see me!  ♥  I am very anxious to see him.  And on Thursday, I'm getting my stitches removed.  ...Okay, so that isn't really going to be fun, but at least it's something.  

Tonight's plan is to try to finish reading this play, to watch this movie, and to drink lots of this.

15 May 2008

Prepare for your defeat, branchial cleft cyst.

You know what time I have to be at the surgical hospital tomorrow?

6:15 a.m.


Joe:  they're putting me on an IV.  I haven't been on one of those since I was a baby... I'm interested in seeing if it really does "feel good" like you said, lol.

08 May 2008

i want to be a crystal singer.

I've been having fun hanging out with Amy (and her fam) since I've been home.  She's been great, offering me rides when I need them.  She even came and sat with me in the doctor's office today while I waited for my appointment.  Tomorrow we've got a get-together with some of our old friends, like old times.  :)

Well, today's ENT appointment went well.  It was a relief to finally talk with a professional who knows what my problem is and exactly how to fix it.  I signed my life away tonight.  My surgery is scheduled for next Friday, May 16th.  It's outpatient, but they're putting me to sleep for it (hahaha, they're pretty much cutting my ear off.  Not really, but something like that).  I have to get some blood-work done next week before the surgery, so they know I'm not preggers or whatever.  I guess my word isn't good enough.  :p

Anyway, that's the excitement since I've been home.  I've been trying to clean/organize my room, but it's a hellish job.  I have too much crap that I don't need, but I hate to get rid of... nostalgia isn't good for organization.

Julie leaves for Paris tomorrow.  I'm going to miss her!  :(

05 May 2008

when that giant asteroid heads toward earth, I want you in the fighter jet.

Well, it's good to be home.  Infinitely good to be home.  I didn't realize how much I missed being here.  There's still some stuff I want to do before I'm completely comfortable... like cleaning my room, throwing stuff out.  I found a bag full of notes from Brian from high school.  Why the crap did I keep those?  I'd burn them if we had a fire, but I'm just as happy to throw them in the trash next time I'm outside.

Mom's birds are really cute.  Max is very social-- he let me pick him up and talk to him.  The other one isn't so nice.  He doesn't have a name yet (maybe he's crabby about that! Haha).

Mom bought me some clothes yesterday:
--orange cable knit sweater
--navy embroidered shirt
--grey t-shirt
--navy casual knit skirt

Very cool.  I'm just getting ready for Ireland, woo.  But there's still a plethora of things I need to get before next month.  Plus, I need to pay for my speeding ticket.  Darn that speeding ticket.  Grr.

All these nice homey-things aside, I'm missing my school friends like crazy.  Laina's on vacation right now, so she's kinda unreachable, and Julie's only gonna be in the States for a few more days.  Sadness!  I almost don't know what to do with myself without the two of them acting crazy in the next room.  /nostalgia.

My appointment with the EarNoseandThroat doctor is Thursday.  I've got to find a friend to guilt-trip into driving me over there, since my mom won't be able to show until later.  Am I nervous?  Very.  Very, very nervous.  I'm nervous they're going to cut into my ear without giving me proper anesthesia.  Or worse-- that they won't be able to operate on it at all on Thursday because the infection's not completely gone... which means I might not be able to get the stupid cyst removed until next week. Or later.  I WANT TO BE HEALED AND SCARRED UP BEFORE I LEAVE FOR IRELAND, DARNIT.


Sitting here watching What Not to Wear, considering showering and going shopping.  I'll bother you guys later.
♥.  Beks.