12 April 2008

you spin me right round, baby, right round.

Can't a girl catch a break?  Geesh.

I'll make this quick.  Went to Searcy to go to an urgent care clinic there, was told what I already figured:  it's probable the crap on my ear is staph.  They put me on some major antibiotics to try to tide it over until I go in to see my ENT on May 8th.  They won't have the culture results for about a week, so technically the diagnosis isn't official.  But they're pretty sure.

The good part about today?  As I was in Searcy, I got to spend a bit of time with Derrick, whom I haven't seen in months!  I met him at the Underground, and we sat and talked for a while.  He bought me lunch (grilled cheese on wheat + small fountain drink - employee discount = .81!), and we played a fun round of Yahtzee.  Then a run to Sonic for some fabulous drinks (small fresh lemon slush, yum!), and a tour of Derrick's life.  It was restful.  Spending time with Derrick calmed me down from being so upset after my doctor's visit.

When I got back to Conway, I went straight to Target to do some self-pity shopping.  I rarely do self-pity shopping, but I had a pretty crappy day (aside from my fantastic visit with Derrick, of course), and I was meaning to go shopping anyway.  So I bought two bright, retro-esque argyle cardigans (one in teal, the other in green), a pair of cute ballet flats and socks, earrings, and a 9-strand orange beaded necklace.  That was about $85 all-together.

At Walgreens, my prescription was about $49 even with my insurance, AND I had to get extra gauze and some SPF 15 moisturizer, since the medicine is supposed to make me pretty sun-sensitive.

So I've spent a lot of money today.  Part of me regrets it, but mostly I don't care.  I'm just stressed out right now, and I'll have to do my best to keep from getting sick(-er).

btw, Joe had a pretty yucky day, too.  *sadface*  Feel better!

In other news, my mom is getting birds again!  2 cockatiels (a male and female pair).  She's pretty excited.  :)

Aaaaaaand that's it.  Sorry if I've darkened anyone's spirits with my pessimism earlier.  Just had a bad day.

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