15 April 2008

my new regimen, and some music.

I've been under the watchful eye of my roommates since this weekend.  Laina's bleached the entire suite--and yes, I do believe she's been following my movements daily with a bottle of disinfectant.  She's also got me on a regimen now.  I'll list the components:

Vitamin C
Garlic oil
Probiotics (a chewable Acidophilus tablet)
Multivitamin (specifically a stress multivitamin)
St. John's Wort (that one's my own personal touch)

I have a new song on my "Recent Favorites" playlist, up there with "Helena", "Anywhere But Here", and "Iris".  Well, "Helena" and "Iris" have been long-time favorites.

I ran across this video when being a Twilight nerd last night.  It was rather well put-together, and I really liked the song.

The song is "Beautiful Things" by Andain.  Listen to it.  It's good.  Makes me want to dance.

On another note, my roommates make me laugh.
I'll be laughing even more in an hour or so-- will elaborate after the fact.

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