07 April 2008

midnight on the stormy deep.

Since my visit to the ER, life has been rather gray. Nothing really all that noteworthy has happened. Well, no, that's not true... I did go with Joe and Julie for Joe's call-back of sorts yesterday for a talent audition. That was fun. Tomorrow is the Spring Fling! I didn't get to go last year, so I'm looking forward to carnival rides, games, and food with a great deal of anticipation.

I called my mom today to tell her to go ahead and schedule my ENT appointment for the week after finals. I don't know how long it'll take to heal, and I'd like to be all scarred up before I leave in June. Ugh. Scarred up. You know how gross that's going to look? Lemme just give you an idea (WARNING: a little blood and stitches):


Yep. Totally not kidding. It's nasty stuff, this ear business. Granted, mine will look a little different, since my cyst is at the top of my ear, rather than on the direct side like this one was. Ah well. I'll be sure to keep you guys informed on my freakishness when it arrives.

A word I really like: woebegone (woeful; also, run-down). Thank you, dictionary.com, for your word-of-the-day.

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