30 April 2008


So I have this French final in four hours I really should be studying for, but I honestly can't get up the motivation to open my book.  I guess I've been super stressed about everything else-- mainly, my research methods lab project.  I want it to be perfect, and it's frustrating me that it isn't perfect.  And in the end, there really isn't a way for it to be perfect this late in the game.  We just didn't get the chance to try.

Last night, when Julie and I weren't studying for our impending tests of doom, we came up with some hilarious quotes for the quote-wall.

Mind you, these are actual bits of conversations we had.

"Hey Bekah, you wanna talk about Twilight?" -- Julie
"Oh my gosh Twilight.  Oh my gosh Twilight.  Twilight.  Twilight.  Twilight.  Twilight." -- Me

"Hey, I'd risk being called stupid by other people just so I could be with Edward..." -- Me (talking about Twilight's Bella)
"People call me stupid now!  ¡¿Donde esta mi Eduardo?!" -- Julie

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